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Shipooling is a peer-to-peer platform where travellers bring you purchases from around the world.

It is the easiest way to get that special product that is missing in your hometown.

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1. Check available travellers

2. Make an offer

3. Get a confirmation and make the secure payment online

4. Meet the traveller at the agreed location and receive your order

1. Post your trip

2. Wait for a purchase offer

3. Accept an offer

4. Buy the item

5. Deliver the item to the agreed location

6. Shipooling will release your payment


Reduce your travel costs by providing the free space in your luggage


Find a traveller to bring your purchases anytime


E-mail addresses are checked for each user


Shipooling helps reduce the ecological footprint by taking advantage of already planned trips

In numbers, Shipooling is...

  • 2543 Shipoolers
  • 219 Orders delivered
  • 996688 Grams of CO2 saved


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